Things change with incredible speed these days. It seems that everything evolutionize around us. We believe that etiquette of using business cards is ready to move on. So, we created inHub – an app that makes business easier.

InHub is an app that is meant to solve a number of problems for many people. The primary idea of the inHub is the virtual business card that is always with you. It is much more than just your contact details though. Users also include such information as education and professional area.

Adding your existing contacts would take a lot of time, so we have implemented user identification with a phone number. You obviously have phone numbers of the people that matters to you, don’t you? So all the contacts you have in your phonebook that uses inHub are automatically synchronised with your contact list.

We have also implemented the geo-location features, you can see people profiles nearby and easily add them to your list. Imagine you are attending some business exhibition. How many business cards would you collect? 50? 100? 300? A huge problem that many businessman experience is sorting those, trying not to loose and most importantly find the right card at the right moment. It’s all solved with inHub.

Fascinating thing is that now you get all information about your contacts updated automatically, whenever they will change any of the details.

Furthermore, we have carefully revised the following issue that makes a great use. Filtering is now easy. Imagine you are a businessman, who is looking for a lawyer in London. Simply choose the location and the professional area in filters and you will instantly know if the lawyers you know are currently in London.

Security. Probably you have already questioned yourself about it. We believe it is incredibly important to be secure these days. So, we have made an effort to make sure inHub is secure. Users have many privacy settings that allow them to hide from others and not being observed in the real world, create groups of people you would like share your details with, etc.

We appreciate people who are dynamic and active, both at their work and private life. Being involved in different areas and always looking for something more is a great deal. So, we have implemented the ability of users to create several business cards. Whether you would like to distinguish several businesses of yours or simply to have a separate personal business card, each having its own privacy setting – you are welcome.

InHub – clever digital business card sharing and organising for iOS and Android.